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Petr Slavkovsky

glass master

Glass factory Jakub continues the local glassmaking tradition that dates back to the 17th century. It produces small cups, so-called "forest glass replicas", but also modern and unique design cups, vases or trophies, e.g.:

Glass from Sklárna Jakub is owned by presidents and ordinary people.

Glass is an extremely interesting material. Various external influences act during its production, and even if it is melted according to one technological procedure, a completely different result can be achieved in the end. Every day is different and you need to perceive it perfectly and be able to work with it. Before a glass cup is created, in addition to the demanding fifteen-hour melting, it is necessary to prepare a design, make a cut for making a mold by a molder, and prepare a new mold for hot glass. It's a job you have to put your heart into.

Our wish is that our glass pleases you on every occasion and continues to dazzle with its distinctive ringing sound and timeless shape.



WANT TO SEE US? CONTACT US BY PHONE:  +420 737 334 380 or on +420 737 148 780

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